Dream Foundry Art Contest

The Dream Foundry contest for beginning professional artists is back and even better!

Dates for this year's contest are September 1 - November 1 2020. The contest coordinator will be responsible for selecting ten finalists from all valid submissions received during that time, and the judges will select winners for first, second, and third prize from the finalists.  This year's contest coordinator is Dante Luiz. Our judge is Grace P. Fong.

This year we are happy to introduce the Monu Bose Memorial prize for art.  This is a $1000 prize awarded to the first place winner of the art contest.

The Prize is established in fond memory of Monu Bose by her children, Rupa Bose and Gautam Bose. Monu Bose was a lover of art of all kinds, and a graduate of Lucknow University and the College of Arts and Crafts. This Prize is to honor the legacy she opened up for us.​

This year, the prizes for contestants will be:

1st: $1000 (Monu Bose prize)

2nd: $500

3rd: $200

There is no submission fee. All rights remain with the creators.

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